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what's not to love?

Directors, dancers, and parents all love Step Up. Maybe because we care so much that you do. This franchise was created to eliminate as many frustrations as possible for the small studio without sacrificing the quality of a bigger competition. 

We care, genuinely, that you're having a good time. We care enough to give you good competition at your same level -- competition that challenges you without unfairly overpowering you. This happens through honest registration from directors, and follow-through on regulations by our competition. 


Teams only $21 per dancer per routine - NEW!! FREE ADMISSION TO ALL EVENTS!

Solos $90 \\ Duos $120 \\ Trios $150 

RSVP and deposit due to hold a spot for your studio at each event. Registration and payment schedule sent to directors after RSVP.



Overall Eligibility:

Step Up Dance Competitions are open to studios/teams that fit the following guidelines:

-Recreational Classes who have chosen to compete.

-Small Competitive Programs, with 1-3 hours of training per week. Auditions may exist but may be very inclusive. 

-Small Elite Competitive Programs with 4+ hours of training per week, including quality ballet classes. This could include club teams from pre-professional programs.* 

*Routines from this type of studio usually need to register up one level from the technical recommendations, because the level of artistry, choreography, and execution puts them on a higher level. 


Please use the RSVP form on the Home Page to tell us a bit about your studio. All studios will be vetted to ensure fair competition. Studios who frequent the convention circuits are likely not the right fit for our competition. If your studio offers a bit of everything (some mixed levels), please contact us for placement or adjudication-only options. 

Divisions & Level Guidelines


The average age of the dancers on each team or solo. Ages will be combined to create a competitive field. i.e. Dancers ages 3-4 or 4-5 may be combined. 


Difficulty Level: 

These lists are not all-inclusive. Use your best judgment and register with integrity. When in doubt, choose the higher division. If your dancer's movement quality, artistry, choreography or execution are strong, choose the higher division. Step Up utilizes a level judge to ensure fair levels, and categories are frequently reorganized at competition. 


The beginning category is for dancers and teams who are developing basic dance skills such as Chaines, Piques, Single Pirouettes, Straight Leg Leaps and other basic steps, performed at a novice or beginning level (not polished). 

NOT BEGINNING TECHNIQUE: Double Pirouettes, Switch Leaps, Fouette/A La Seconde


The Beginning II category is for dancers and teams who are performing beginning skills with confidence and polished execution. It is also for dancers who are developing their technique on skills such as double pirouettes, tilt jumps, side leaps, and other similar steps.

NOT BEGINNING II TECHNIQUE: A La Secondes or Fouettes in solos (teams may spotlight ONLY one dancer performing this skill), Switch Leaps, Triple Pirouettes


The Intermediate category is for dancers and teams who may be executing clean Double Pirouettes, basic A La Seconde and Fouette Combinations, and all types of leaps. Triple pirouettes may be performed, but may need improvement. Note: dancers and teams performing choreography with only intermediate skills but with strong execution and very developed body control, dynamics, and challenging choreography should register for the advanced category at Step Up Competition.

NOT ALLOWED: Team Quadruple Pirouette OR Full Team Changing Spot in A La Secondes /Fouettes. Spotlight features of these skills are allowed. Use your discretion.

Anything may be performed in the advanced level including clean triple & quadruple pirouettes, spot-changing or other advanced fouettes/a la seconde, and any combination of kicks, leaps, and choreography.

Dances will be judged on their dance technique and performance. Tumbling that enhances the
performance is welcome in the dance categories. Dances that FEATURE tumbling should be
entered in the OPEN category as an Acro piece. This does not apply to Hip Hop, Character, or
Show/Production styles.

Competition Style Categories:

Hip Hop
Open (Acro, Tap, Ballroom, or other...please describe)

Other Rules:

Solos/Duos/Trios music should be a minimum of 1:30-3:00 maximum.
Teams music should be between 1:45-3:30 (except in Show/Production)
ALL COSTUMES, MUSIC, AND CHOREOGRAPHY SHOULD BE APPROPRIATE FOR ALL AUDIENCE MEMBERS. No explicit lyrics or overly-suggestive costumes or choreography.



Solo Awards:

Solos/Duos/Trios are run as a head-to-head competition. Categories will have no more than 5 routines per category. The 1st place winner of each category wins a tiara in addition to a trophy. If the dancer/duet/trio is in its own category, it will be scored against a ranking system. The rankings will be as follows: Bronze, Silver, Gold, High Gold, and Platinum. Only dancers who score High Gold or Platinum will win a tiara if they are in their own category. This keeps it fair and competitive to win a trophy, as those in their own category are not automatically given a "1st place."

Solos/Duos/Trios/Quads will all receive a beautiful trophy. 

The top 3 overall soloists per age & level will be awarded with Step Up plaques. The top duo/trio per level will be awarded with Step Up plaques. 

Team Awards:
Teams will be judges in a head to head competition. Divisions will have no more than 5 routines each. If a routine is in a division by itself, it will be scored against the ranking system (Bronze, Silver, Gold, High Gold, or Platinum). All routines are eligible for overall awards. 


1) Specialty Awards

MANY Specialty Awards by Judges' Nomination (certificates) will be given: Costume, Choreography, Technique, and Showmanship, Total Package, and Spark


2) Overall Awards

Overall Beginning Team (1st, 2nd, 3rd) by age
Overall Beginning II Team (1st, 2nd, 3rd) by age
Overall Intermediate Team (1st, 2nd, 3rd) by age
Overall Advanced Team (1st, 2nd, 3rd) by age

3) Overall Studio Grand Champion

Studios that bring at least 6 team routines, qualify to win and become the STEP UP OVERALL STUDIO GRAND CHAMPIONS! This award is determined by the average score of all team routines for the day. Solo/Duo/Trio scores are NOT added to this total. 

Some additional awards may be given. 

Scoring Bracket: 

Bronze 240-254
Silver 255-269
Gold 270-281
High Gold 282-287
Platinum 288-300



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